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Founded in 1852 and as the world's first company, PETKUS specialized in the construction and production of seed sorting and cleaning machines. With creativity, technical know- how of its employees and under the motto "Strong Seed. Healthy Grain. PETKUS.”, the company supports a strong and healthy agriculture.

The wide range of PETKUS cleaners ensures a high-quality cleaning of grain, pulses, oilseeds, grass and leguminous seeds, as well as other free flowing products. Depending on the customer’s requirements, PETKUS offers a various number of machine types like pre-cleaners, universal cleaners, de-awners etc.

PETKUS is constantly pushing the development and improvement of all its sorting technologies. PETKUS Cleaners guarantee the highest quality of cleaning in the industry based on a linear sieve stroke and optimized air sorting technologies.

  • Selection of sieve perforation (either round / slotted)
  • Special PETKUS rubber balls to guarantee a high degree of open sieve surface
  • Aspiration channels (pre- & final)
  • Scraper chain