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WatchDog is the first monitoring system in the Czech Republic that offers effective operative survey over your dryer by remote access. Thanks to properties of this system it is possible to survey the process of drying and remotely set some functions, that can be controlled via control panel Vision placed on dryer.  WatchDog brings some advantages for dryer personnel as well, it makes service faster and in overall evaluation it contributes to lowering the maintenance costs and substantial increasing of facility performance.

WatchDog monitoring system provides 24/7 surveillance about drying process from anywhere with internet access point and will ensure an easy on-line access to information such as e.g. time intervals, adjusting drying air temperature and grain heating, checking temperature of dryer and grain, timing loading and unloading, adjusting hold-up time of material in dryer etc. In the case of any malfunction WatchDog informs you on time and run emergency shut down of the dryer. Meanwhile a technician can remotely identify the malfunction, that accelerates and make service solution more effective or eventually can advice the operator with correct drying process parameter setting.