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Whether building new Post Harvest line or rebuilding technology BEDNAR’s team of experienced professionals is available for you. Precise project work offers extensive and detailed high-tech technologies and quality assembly is our philosophy.

Construction engineering and project documentation

Bednar FMT ensures complex engineering starting from work-out building study, documentation of buildings and area management, building realisation followed by documentation of building and final inspection and service.
Bednar FMT creates „all in projects“ according to individual demands and investor dispositions. Delivery of complex technological facilities are assembled in one functional complex and introduced into full operation.

Project and technology activities

Bednar FMT ensures complete project management with post-harvest technology treatment and grain storage. Bednar project engineers emphasize project capabilities by reacting to customer´s demands.
Long-time experience with practical realisation of designed projects are our advantage, thanks to this we are capable to optimize the design from the view of consecutive realization already in a design phase and thus shorten the time of building, minimise eventual problems and spare significant finances typically acoupled with unplanned expenses.
Bednar’s advantage is a result of long term experiences with practical realisation of designed projects. This experience enables project managers to visualise a process from design phase to completion there by shortening the time of building and minimizing problems and unplanned expenses.